Grow Tips

Drought Damage

That special tree that you planted when your daughter was born is having a rough summer because of some really dry weeks and lack of water. When your favorite tree is suffering because of a drought, you need to treat it quickly to minimize the possibility of losing the tree. Here are some ways to fight drought damage in trees so you don't lose any more branches.

Tip #1

Take early note of the warning signs of drought damage such as changes in the timing of bud formation, flowering and fruit production, changes in diameter and growth patterns and dry limbs and leaves. If the tree shows signs of stress then supplement with extra water.

Tip #2

Keep tabs on the weather report so you'll know how to prepare your garden, soil and tree for drought if it's in the forecast. Consult the "Farmer's Almanac" to formulate a more long-term plan to protect your tree or trees from drought damage.

Tip #3

Mulch around your tree to conserve moisture. Spread the mulch out as far as the diameter of the overhanging branches to ensure you cover the underground root structure. Keep this area moist to treat tree damage caused by drought and to prevent further drought damage from affecting your tree.

Tip #4

Water your tree often, especially during a drought. The mulch will help hold in moisture, but you need do some supplemental watering to make up for the lack of rainfall during a dry period of a week or more.

Tip #5

Pay special attention to newly planted trees which suffer the most from drought damage because their root structure isn't established yet. Water these trees with at least 5 gallons of water twice per week to keep them happy.