Grow Tips


Hydroseeding your lawn has many benefits. It is low cost, time efficient and easy to apply. The hydroseed mixture includes an organic green dye which immediately provides a nice green look. Hydroseeding also has a better success rate and requires less watering. Keep these tips in mind to increase the success and growth of your new hydroseeded lawn.

Soil Prep

Preparing the soil is very important before planting any type of grass or sod. You must remove all large debris from the lawn area and till up the soil. Once the area has been tilled, it must be graded level and fertilized to properly prepare the dirt for grass.

Best Time to Hydroseed

The best time to hydroseed your lawn is in the spring, at the beginning of the growing season. This gives you the best chance for a beautiful and healthy lawn. You may hydroseed during the summer and fall, as well.


Once you have hydroseeded your lawn, it must be watered lightly for 3 to 4 weeks to keep the seed moist and get the best results. Be careful not to over water. Hydroseed is applied with water and a fiber mulch which helps the seed to germinate quicker and retain more water.
Do not water your hydroseeded area until the application has had plenty of time to completely dry. You do not want to wash away seed or nutrients that are necessary for the hydroseed to do well.


Hydroseeding is appropriate for most traffic area of your lawn. But during the first year, keep traffic light to give the hydroseeded grass a chance to get well-established.

Weather Conditions

It is best not to apply hydroseed under windy or extremely hot conditions. This can adversely affect the final results of your lawn.