Grow Tips


It is important to prepare the soil for your lawn in order to make it grow and look beautiful. One of the major concerns is that the soil needs to be fed and the pH must be kept at the right acidity. To achieve the right pH it is usually required to lime the lawn. Lime can be bought in lawn care departments of many local stores. Read on to learn how to treat your lawn with lime.

Tip #1

Take a soil sample of your lawn. Have the local county extension office run a test on it. One of the tests that will be run will determine the pH of the soil. Ask the county extension office how much lime to spread.

Tip #2

Return to the house. Take the lawn spreader and fill the hopper with lime. Set the spreader dial on the value that will spread the correct amount of lime to spread on the grass and bring the pH into the correct range.

Tip #3

Begin at the outer corner and follow the edge to spread lime over the lawn. Work your way back and forth until the lawn is finished. Let the rain disperse the lime to the roots of the lawn and throughout the soil.