Grow Tips


General Tips And Advice

Lawn mowing is healthy for your lawn. You’re trimming away the oldest part of the plant because grass grows from the bottom up. A higher cut – generally trimming the top third of the plant – will shade the roots and encourage a deeper root system.

A deep root system can reach water further down in the soil, providing reserve power to survive dry spells.

Different types of grass require different cutting heights; in general, cool-season grasses should be cut at three and a half inches, while warm-season grasses are cut at two inches.

Lawn Mower Safety

When working with your lawn mower, read your operator’s manual and pay close attention to all warning labels. Wear proper clothing when mowing your yard; including a tucked-in shirt, long pants and closed-toed shoes with good traction. Secure or remove loose articles of clothing or jewelry so they don’t catch on the equipment. Walk the mowing area first and clear any tools, toys, yard debris or other objects that could get thrown by the mower’s blade.

Before you start your lawn mower, check to make sure all safety guards and shields are in place. Keep children inside and under supervision while mowing your yard. Never give children “rides” on a riding lawn mower. As a result, your children may run up behind you as you’re mowing, expecting another ride, where you can’t see or hear them.

Be careful not to run over your own toes when walking backward with a walk-behind mower. When mowing in hot weather, make sure to drink plenty of water and rest frequently.